It's about Value NOT Price!

"Know what you are buying!"

"Hello, I’m Rachael, and I recently learnt a lot about the REAL VALUE of replacement parts"

My mechanic offered me a lower priced engine management component to repair my car. He assured me the only difference was the price and the quality and performance was the same.

How wrong he was!

Needless to say the repair did not "hold up." Within weeks the car had again failed, after a tow and the inconvenience of my car off the road for another two days, the part was eventually replaced, this time with a premium quality product.

Price is something you can COUNT. QUALITY is something you can COUNT ON!

RachaelTo say I was unhappy at the inconvenience, and the time lost, is an understatement. I could tell the wasted time it took to remove and replace the part is what hurt the mechanic the most, and he found it hard to hide his embarrassment under his frustration.

I left with my car and my ongoing business, I won’t be going back.

It has taught me that although I may not know a lot about engines - I do know about Real Value. We had both lost time and suffered inconvenience; the mechanic had also lost money and a loyal customer... all for a part that was a few dollars cheaper!

I have since decided to ensure in future all my repairs are completed using premium quality products. No more crossing fingers and hoping for the best again.

"It’s what’s inside that matters!"

As workshop owners and technicians know, proper manufacturing to OE specifications means the parts fit correctly, making completing the job quicker.

Premium parts from brand name manufacturers are the best value for both your workshop and your customers. The functionality and durability of quality parts means fewer comebacks. The customer can expect a product that is an exact fit, and ease of installation saves time, money and avoids problems.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, the Australian aftermarket has seen a significant increase in lower quality, non-branded products. It is easy for consumers and even technicians to be confused as to the quality of the products in the market. Quality replacement parts provide the best value in the long run.


So why specify the brand name next time you need a replacement component?

High quality, extended reliability, and lower return rates that help get the job done right, fast, the first time, that’s why!

"Quality Components Count!"

What are the implications to the mechanical workshop?

It will cost you money. Quite simply - Quality Components DO Count!

The issues faced by mechanical workshops installing low-cost, low-quality parts can include safety, comebacks and damage to your reputation.

The safety and satisfaction of the customer is ensured when you install premium brand parts.

Don't let lower quality products damage your reputation.

RachaelA happy customer tells a friend, an unhappy customer tells everybody. It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one.

"Get it right the first time!"

Some companies supply products that they claim offer the functionality and performance of the quality brand product, but...

... without the support and peace of mind the leading global developers and manufacturers including Delphi, Bosch, Pierburg, Continental, Hitachi, Valeo and Denso can offer, is it really worth the risk?

Premium Components ensure Quality, Reliability, and Value.
Quality Components Count... really!

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