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Performance Range Increase Continues

The range of Racing and Performance products at Premier Auto Trade continues to grow, including the Raceworks High Performance Range.

A range of Vehicle Preparation componentshas been introducedby Raceworks including CAMS approved Tow Hooks and motorsport decals, including numbers in Black and Day Glo, and assorted decals such as Tow, Battery Location, Battery Isolation and Nitrous.

Raceworks have added SFI/CAMS approved Rollbar padding and Battery master/isolation switches with optional remote cables, and the Deutsch Connector range has expanded with the addition of DTP, HD30 and HDP20 Series Connectors.

A range of Raceworks Thermal Protection products is also available, including Titanium Turbo Beanies/Blankets, Black Titanium Exhaust/Header Wrap with stainless ties, Gold Reflective Adhesive Heatproof Sheeting, and Fibreglass Heat Shield Sleeving for use over hoses.

The Raceworks AN hose and fittings range has expanded, with AN-16 and AN-20 added. Two new sizes of Aluminium Pipe Clamp Kits have also been added (2” and 4”), and all are now a revised 4-piece design, making them easier to install. Stainless weld on ferrules are available, for those using stainless piping. A new range of Raceworks 450 Series rubber hose is also now available; a submersible hose in AN-5 (8mm) and AN-6 (10mm) compatible with unleaded and ethanol-based fuels.

There is a new 0.5L baffled Catch Can (Oil/Air Separator) with AN-10 ports. In addition to being used under the bonnet these small tanks are also commonly plumbed to fuel cells, to catch fuel that has lifted up the breather line during hard cornering and braking.

Three new Bosch EV14 731cc injectors; a ¾ Length with Bosch plug, Short with a USCAR plug and Short with extended nose with a Bosch plug, have also been added to the line, along with a new Raceworks 4G63Tfuel rail for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV – IX.

Two new in-tank high flow E85 Safe fuel pumps are also now available through Premier Auto Trade; the TI Automotive/Walbro 525, which flows 465LPH@3bar, and the Bosch Motorsport BR540, flowing 450LPH@3bar. Both pumps are good for very high fuel pressure, ideal for very high boost applications. The Bosch pump offers 13 bar pressure relief, and still flows 310LPH at 8bar.

Two new Map sensors are also available; the TI 6.5bar sensor, and Variohm Eurosensor 8 bar sensor which can be used on methanol/diesel engines running over 100PSI of boost.

The Raceworks website now contains an Injector Upgrade Guide, searchable by vehicle and engine type. This details the fuel injector upgrade options that Raceworks offer, and how much power the injector supports, and the extensions, plug adapters and O-rings needed to make them work correctly. Detailed guides and diagrams on various ways to plumb a complete fuel system, a fuel cell, surge tank and a catch can are also now available.

Premier Auto Trade products are available through a network of resellers and leading automotive retail groups. For more information visit

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